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This month ’ s “ Now On The Tee ” Student Spotlight is :

Moe Bajwa

Moe started in our Adult Tee It Up – Front 9 class in May 2020 . He was a new golfer who will tell you he really struggled in the beginning . As he worked his way through the TIU Front 9 and then through the TIU Back 9 class you could see him transform into a good new golfer through the skills he learned in class and his commitment to going out and practicing between classes . I remember his first “ On-Course ” learning session . He got up to the first tee and hit a solid tee shot right down the middle . He turned to me with a huge smile on his face and beaming with confidence . His passion for the game has only continued to grow and I ’ m so proud of what he ’ s accomplished in golf in his first year . Great job Moe !
Let ’ s get to know Moe Bajwa with our Golf & Fun Spotlight Questions :
When did you start playing golf ? I ’ ve played off and on with my buddies for years , but really started focusing on improving my game March 2020 .
What or who got you interested in golf ? Most of my best friends and my colleagues play golf regularly . I got tired of tagging along and always being the worst so decided to make a change to get better .
What is your favorite course ? So far , San Destin Links has been my favorite because of the ocean course views . I ’ m sure that will change when I play Half Moon Bay later this year . But locally , of course DubsDread .
What is your current focus in your golf game ( what are you trying to improve right now )? My short game . It really is all about 100 yards and in . You can bomb a drive 250 + yards , but it means nothing if it ’ s still taking you 2-3 shots to get onto the green .
What do you love about golf ? I played a lot of sports at a competitive level growing up , so I love a good challenge and that ’ s exactly what golf provides . It ’ s a very mental and technical game , but if you can get out of your head and focus on the fundamentals consistently you can see the improvement quickly . It ’ s a great way to get out and meet people as well .
Favorite club in your bag ? Always must have a utility club and for that I ’ d have to say it ’ s my 7 iron .
Which kind of shot makes you the most nervous or is the most difficult on the course ? Anything over a body of water . I know it ’ s all completely mental , but I focus too much on trying to carry it over the water that it either launches too high and comes up short , or I blade it and it goes too far .
What ’ s your favorite color ? UNC Blue - Go Heels !
What ’ s your favorite food ? It ’ s hard to narrow down one because I love all kinds of food , but you can ’ t go wrong with any kind of steak .
Who is your favorite PGA or LPGA player ? Naturally , Tiger . But outside of the obvious , Dustin Johnson .
When you ’ re not playing or practicing golf , what is your favorite thing to do ? Be at the beach as much as possible with my fiancé and our ferocious nine-month-old , seven pound Yorkie puppy , Moose . Aside from that , exploring Orlando for the best places to eat / drink .
What are your golfing goals ? Be consistently better . When I started with lessons , I was shooting about 120 , a year later I ’ m consistently shooting 95-100 . If I can keep that score coming down , I ’ ll be happy .
What is something ( s ) you did in the Learning Center you really enjoyed ? All of it helped from beginning to end . But the different challenges we had through the lessons made it better . The most helpful was going out on the course with Steve for a few holes and really understanding course management and club selection .
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