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Proper Hydration and Snacks Leads to Better and More Enjoyable Golf !
One area most all golfers get wrong while playing golf is staying hydrated and not having a few snacks while playing . Tour players understand the importance of these two things very well . Each tour player knows drinking enough of the right things to stay hydrated and eating proper snacks often enough is essential to play their best golf . Although many tour players make different choices in what they consume , every tour player ensures they are consuming the right things for them and getting the proper amount . Let ’ s look at how often you should drink and eat on the course and some possible choices you could bring with you on the course .
Hydration :
Staying hydrated is extremely important when playing golf . It helps replenish fluid loss during your round of golf and helps keep the body cooled down . A simple rule to remember is ,
“ If I wait until I ’ m thirsty , I have waited too long ”. Hydration should actually start before you even arrive at the golf course . Make sure to consume 16-20oz of water about two hours before your round starts . Then during your round consume 4-8oz of water every 15 minutes . When you have consumed 24oz of water , you will be on track for the day . During your round on hot and humid days adding an electrolyte supplement to your on-course water can also be a big help . So , a simple thought would be to consume your 4-8ozs of on-course water after each hole .
Try to stay away from sugar loaded drinks like regular soda or sugary sports drinks . Multiple sports drinks offer zero sugar options . Of course , you ’ re thinking , “ can I enjoy a cold beer or mixed drink during my round ?” The short answer is of course you can . Just try to limit your on-course alcohol to a couple of drinks as alcohol causes dehydration . Once you have completed your round , then head over to the “ 19th
Hole ” and enjoy a few adult beverages with your playing partners .
Snacks :
So now that we have outlined the importance of hydration , it is also important to have a few snacks on the course . The right snacks while playing can really help maintain energy levels throughout your round . It starts before you arrive at the course . I always recommend never arriving the course on an empty stomach . So , for that morning tee time , make sure to have a couple eggs and a piece to toast before you get to the course .
On the course , having a few good snacks in your golf bag will be the way to go . Some good snacks would be fruit , trail mix , beef jerky or even a peanut butter sandwich . Try to eat a little bit every 2-3 holes . Stay away from snacks like candy bars and chips . These sugary and empty snacks tend to cause more energy losses than helping you while on the course .
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