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One big mistake the golfer makes on the course is thinking of technique while trying to play shots . It ’ s important to use some time in a random practice mode to work on your shot making skills . While in this mode of practice , you should not be using any type of drill station or aid . This is also a time when you won ’ t hit the same shot with the same club over and over . The driving range is full of targets that most people don ’ t see . Sure , it ’ s easy to see the flags the facility puts out on the range but utilize other things like trees in in the background , netting poles or any other objects to change your aimpoint as often as possible with different clubs in your bag . For the more intermediate to advanced players , use these different targets to work on moving the ball a little left to right or right to left intentionally . Gaining confidence in your full swing by changing your target and club and seeing the ball move towards that target , will free you up on the course when hitting these same shots .
Everyone wants to play their best on the course . One way to improve on-course performance is to simulate on-course shots in what I refer to as On-Course Simulation practice . In in this type of practice the golfer will never hit the same club two shots in a row . They will work tee shots and approach shots to different targets as if they were playing different holes on the course . When in this type of practice mode , the golfer should go through their pre-shot routine before hitting the shot . After each shot you should put the club you just used back in your bag just like you would on the course . One great way to practice this is to keep a scorecard from a course you play often in your golf bag . This allows you to have a mental picture of all the holes while you practice because you have played them often . Take each hole from the scorecard and use the first club you would use off the tee . Then pick an approach shot distance you would have and hit an approach shot to a different target . Use this process for all 18 holes on the scorecard and you will start to see improvement in your on-course performance because you ’ re simulating the on-course experience .
Play well !
See you on the course ,

Coach Steve

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