May 2019 DSM Insider 32 - Page 6

PATRICK TESSIER, MBA Those of us that have used mandibular advancement devices on ourselves are familiar with process. The little bit of pressure we feel on various teeth is just part of the game, but by utilizing the heat and seat process with AccuTherm ® , there is NO pressure on ANY teeth. Kind of like the feeling of floating in a pool, or as I can imagine, floating in zero gravity space like our proud astronauts. For a dental appliance, this is completely different than the norm and feels great. This changes everything. If you order a TAP appliance with AccuTherm ® trays: Here’s what you DON’T need to worry about: • Buying expensive new equipment – Use what you already have. • Learning new technical procedures or software. • Purchasing expensive materials. • Sending remakes to the lab for poor fit. • Making another appointment for a new impression for the lab. • Wasting chairtime and the embarrassment of grinding out an appliance. Here’s what you can look forward to: • Every case will fit, every time. • New Crowns – No problem. AccuTherm® will re-form to the new dental work. • Excellent retention – Snap fit PET-G shell with custom fit ThermAcryl liner “sticks” the seating. • A long-lasting device – based on the successful previous trays from AMI (Double Thick PET-G). • A more productive DSM practice. – spend more face time with your patients. • A more confident staff – knowing how every seating is going to be great. • Happy patients – getting the best fitting, most comfortable device on the market! The most important aspect of any device is the confidence that it will work. In the past 25 years, over 500,000 TAP appliances have been delivered. During that time, over 38 peer reviewed studies have been done on the TAP. It works. Patients are getting the most studied, most popular device in the history of DSM, now with the most comfortable tray system. If you are new to DSM or a veteran that delivers 50 devices a month, AccuTherm ® trays will help your practice. Don’t stress about your impressions. Don’t stress about seating appointments. Prescribe TAP with AccuTherm ® .