May 2019 DSM Insider 32 - Page 5

PATRICK TESSIER, MBA Digital impressions also must overcome gagging and saliva, but in addition, require sophisticated software to “stitch” together the many images. The algorithm doing the “stitching” can cause small inaccuracies. These issues are easier to conquer when the dentist is restoring a single tooth. But full arch, upper and lower, making sure the distal surfaces of the lower, most posterior molars are captured, is way more difficult. On top of that, between the time the impression is taken and the appliance is delivered, teeth move! Introducing AccuTherm. This tray allows the clinician to achieve a perfect fit on every case. Airway Management (AMI) has a long history of developing tools and devices to treat sleep disordered breathing. As a pioneer in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM), many of the most popular tools have come from AMI. Think AM Aligner ® and myTAP ® as examples that are ubiquitous in DSM practices. One of the first adjustable mandibular advancement devices, the TAP 1, was used by trail blazing DSM dentists in 1996. For TAP devices, the hardware is the feature that receives the most attention and development. But the trays that support the hardware are where “the rubber meets the road”, or where the “device meets the teeth”. While this simplifies the manufacturing process in the dental laboratory, the main advantage is with the dental practice. The thin layer of ThermAcryl ® doesn’t require the technical mastery of the first version. On top of all that, the tray is only 3.1mm thick. Our thinnest custom tray ever. Patients love it. Just Heat and Seat. No handpiece required. Many of Airway Management’s in-house laboratory clients have used a tray system lined with ThermAcryl ® . This heat activated thermoplastic allows the clinician to simply warm up the tray for a final fit in the dental chair. For the advanced clients, the ThermAcryl ® -lined trays fit the first time. However, the old design requires the dental practice to be skilled at manipulating this material for best results. Once the skills have been obtained, they get excellent results in a productive DSM practice. In 2019, Airway Management is introducing a new version of this tray that is much simpler for any practice to take advantage. Introducing, the new patented tray system, AccuTherm ® . The biggest breakthrough with the AccuTherm trays has been manufacturing dual laminate discs of PET-G Polycarbonate with a thin layer of ThermAcryl ® . JOIN ME AT THE NADSM SYMPOSIUM! REGISTER NOW PATRICK TESSIER, MBA DIRECTOR OF DENTAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT