May 2019 DSM Insider 32 - Page 26

ALEX BUDDEMEYER, CDT ORAL APPLIANCE THERAPY; A WHOLE ‘NOTHER LEVEL hange is unavoidable. C It’s constant. It’s coming. It’s here now. How will you adapt to it? Will you resist it at every turn or will you be a student of trends and stay ahead of the curve? Those are choices that are up to you. Can an oral appliance be fabricated from alginate impressions, stone models, and the wonders and potential inaccuracies inherent to human benchwork? Sure, they can. However, the mind-blowing introduction of intraoral scanning, 3D printers, and accurate milling machines brings to dentistry increased accuracy, predictability, and durability. These benefits have been realized in numerous other verticals and now we’re seeing them take hold in Dental Sleep Medicine. Staying abreast of these changes and incorporating them into your practice can produce cost savings, differentiation from your competitors, and innovation that results in optimum treatment for your patients. OK, so maybe you aren’t ready to dive all in and embrace the new technologies mentioned above. Fortunately for you, DynaFlex has and this can pay serious dividends in your dental sleep practice. You can now give your patients a CAD/CAM precision sleep device even if you don’t have a scanner or printer in your office. We’ll take your stone models and your analog bite and scan them in our 3D system. Then, we’ll design your milled device and within minutes your device is digitally completed and sent to our high precision 5-axis mill. There, it’s milled from perfectly preformed PMMA. This leads to perfect fit, increased strength, improved hygienic properties, & an all-around superior device for your patients. We’re so confident in the superiority of our milled devices, that we offer a 3 year warranty, triple that of most labs. Contact me to send your next case or for more information at alexb@ JOIN ME AT THE NADSM SYMPOSIUM! REGISTER NOW ALEX BUDDEMEYER, CDT