Maximum Yield's Industry News February/March 2020 - Page 28

How to find your DreamJob IN THE Cannabis Industry Looking for a job in the burgeoning cannabis industry? It’s advisable to have some concrete knowledge of the sector and be realistic about what positions are a good fit for your skillset before you apply. by Kent Gruetzmacher the cannabis business continues transitioning from an affair to a mainstream industry, it brings its A fair s underground share of challenges. Among the most complex going on in the cannabis industry today have to do with employment — primarily because the notion of a legal “cannabis professional” is an entirely novel concept. Therefore, as the newly legal cannabis industry struggles to find its identity, job searchers and business owners alike also struggle to understand the parameters of successful working relationships. Even more, hopeful job searchers looking to land their cannabis dream job are faced with a plethora of unforeseen obstacles. 28 Maximum Yield