Maximum Yield USA October 2017 - Page 88

cycl tips & tricks MOVIN’ UP & MOVIN’ OUT: A Guide to Transplanting from Hydroponic Systems Into Soil by Kent Gruetzmacher There are many reasons why cultivators might transplant their plants from hydroponic systems into soil. Kent Gruetzmacher breaks down common scenarios. A griculture is an unpredictable affair, and occasionally cultivators are forced to change their approaches to gardening without much notice or planning. These forced infrastructural garden alterations usually have to do with moving cultivation locations or some environmental, equip- ment, or financial constraint inhibiting the continued use of hydroponic gardening. Whether or not one has to transplant from a hydroponics system to soil is out of choice or necessity, there are a few pointers for different hydroponics scenarios that can help with this sometimes daunting task. 86 grow cycle