Maximum Yield USA November 2018 | Page 56

GREEN MEANS GR W How Green Light Affects Plant Growth In LED horticultural lighting, red and blue wavelengths were thought to be the only part of the spectrum that drove photosynthesis because chlorophylls are receptive to those colors. New research now reveals that previously dismissed green light can also drive plant growth. Fluence Bioengineering’s chief innovation scientist Dung Duong explains the new data. by Dung Duong T he current state of the LED horticultural lighting industry would lead some to believe the world only exists in shades of red and blue. Thanks to narrow readings of research done by Dr. K.J. McRee and Dr. Katsumi Inada, a general consensus in the industry is visible ranges of red and blue light are the only wavelengths of light needed to induce photosynthesis. 56 Maximum Yield