Maximum Yield USA December 2017 - Page 94

cycl tips & tricks : y s a E e h t a e r B ADDRESSING AIR QUALITY ISSUES IN A GROWROOM by Kent Gruetzmacher Though a bit less glamourous than lighting, mediums, and nutrients, your growroom’s air quality is vital to a successful crop. Kent Gruetzmacher delves a little deeper into why and how you should find the perfect balance of your indoor garden’s air temperature and humidity levels. T he primary factors that contribute to the success or failure of an indoor garden are light, grow mediums, nutrients, and air quality. When troubleshooting an indoor cultivation operation, it is an all-too-common mistake for novice gardeners to focus on the first three elements and neglect the last. However, finding an ideal equilibrium of air quality—mainly concerning temperature and humidity—is essential in the propagation of quality and bountiful harvests. With meticulous attention to detail, indoor growers can create artificial environments inside growrooms that help alleviate concerns with airborne pathogens while ensuring efficiency with irrigation and nutrient uptake. 90 grow cycle