Maximum Yield USA December 2016 - Page 46

2. 1. 1. The FlowerHouse Flat Top Indoor Growhouse System is an exceptional value. This completely modular system includes a powdercoated steel frame that features strong, bolt-together construction, and a cover that is made of six-mil black and white film. It also comes with two identical film ends with large zippered doors, covered window, and ducts. The cover clips on and seals so the size of the system can be adjusted to fit your grow space. Its height is also adjustable from eight to 10 feet. Multiple units can sit side-by-side or end-to-end, making the Flat Top the largest growhouse on the market. – 44 2. The SmartBee Controller Handheld Water Content Meter (HWCM) is the ideal measuring instrument for growers, enabling precision irrigation through accurate measurement and detailed displays of the water content. Its sensor probe easily inserts into a variety mediums for rapid checks to optimize growing conditions. The HWCM measures substrate temperature from 35120°F and is IP67-rated for water submersion of up to one meter. The lithium-ion battery delivers a month of power and a USB charging port allows for extended use. Maintaining proper water levels in your garden reduces the chance of crop stress, helps develop strong root systems, and improves crop quality and yield. Control Your Grow On-The-Go with the SmartBee HWCM. – 2016 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 3. Maximum Yield USA  |  December 2016 3. O2 Grow has expanded its offering of oxygenating devices. Ideal for the home grower, the O2 Grow 1010 oxygenates up to 10 gallons of water in less than three hours. O2 Grow products from the Oxygen Research Group raise oxygen saturation levels 50 per cent higher than what air stones can achieve. The company’s emitter technology electrically separates the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen. The pure oxygen is then re-absorbed back into the water. Oxygen at the roots helps prevent root disease, enhances nutrient uptake, and increases yields. Emitters come in a range of sizes able for reservoirs from 10-250 gallons. Made in the USA. –