Maximum Yield USA April/May 2019 | Page 34

4 by Kent Gruetzmacher TOP HIGH-TECH TOOLS L ooking back just a couple of decades, it’s both amazing and confounding to see how many technological advance- ments have arisen in controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) growing. For example, tools such as digital ballasts that were once considered cutting-edge are quickly outdated and replaced. Modern growers are forced to look at the hydroponic equipment market with a discerning eye, in Technology in the grow industry continues to hopes of choosing technology that be both functional as well as evolve, making life easier for indoor cultivators. will compatible with novel innovations. Gruetzmacher takes a look at some of the high-tech It’s worth noting the utility of high-tech cultivation tools can vary tools being used in growrooms around the world. greatly with the size and scope of a garden operation. For the hobbyist grower producing crops in a 4x4-foot grow tent, an advanced fertigation system is automation overkill. Similarly, for a FOR GROWROOMS Kent 34 Maximum Yield