Maximum Yield Industry News October/November 2020 - Page 8

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1 | P . L . Lighting HortiLED TOP 2.0
Harness the full power of LED lighting technology with the new HortiLED TOP 2.0 Luminaire , a light that boasts an efficacy of 3.3 μmol / J . It offers two light spectrums designed for optimal spectral efficiencies in both supplementary and solesource lighting applications and can be daisy-chained ( and mounted on both track and truss systems ) to save on wiring and installation costs . An optional remote dimming allows for seamless integration with compatible light control systems . The HortiLED Top 2.0 is certified to the rigorous standards of CSA and is DLC-listed .
— pllight . com
2 | CTInstruments — Cannabis HPLC Device
There ’ s no need to spend three to four times on a High Performance Liquid Chromatography ( HPLC ) tester for testing the potency of your hemp and cannabis . CTInstruments offers an affordable HPLC that accurately tests THC , THCA , CBD , CBDA , CBDV , CBG , CBGA , CBN , and mycotoxins . It ’ s accurate , easy to use , compact , and suitable for in-house testing , commercial labs , law enforcement , or quality control . You can test any type of material from flower to concentrates , oils , rosin , hash , diamonds and edibles at a cost of about $ 5 per test .
— cannabistestingsimplified . com
3 | Diablo Monster Maxx
Monster Maxx ( 3-0-0 ) is a breakthrough and a first for the cannabis industry . It contains a beneficial bacteria to promote and stimulate microbial health in the root zone so it ’ s a probiotic for plants . Maxx contains two important types of bacteria and helps solubilize both calcium and phosphorus in soil . It can be used in hydroponics , water culture , soil , and soilless mixes . Maxx has been developed and designed by Diablo ’ s science team over the last several years , tested , tweaked , and perfected . It ’ s now available in Canada was well .
— diablonutrients . com
4 | Current Culture Under Current Solo Pro ( 35 gallon )
The Solo Pro single-module water culture system is great for small spaces and veg plants . Constructed from durable greenhouse grade materials and professional components , the Solo Pro is built to last . Its interchangeable lids provide maximum versatility for a variety of crops . The quick access lid portholes make root viewing convenient and the integrated drain valve makes system maintenance easy . High levels of aeration promote explosive root growth , water uptake , and nutrient efficiency . Every element of the system has been reinforced and maximized for longevity in adverse greenhouse-style conditions .
— cch2o . com
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