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In the case of Aspergillus , destruction is not even required as a matter of patient safety , which should remove one major concern cultivators and processors might otherwise have . In cases where Aspergillus is detected , the contamination can be destroyed and the marijuana ’ s biologically active ingredients can be salvaged for use in edibles , topicals , and other non-inhalational routes . In reality , the occurrence of pathogenic microbial contaminants is very rare in today ’ s well-regulated cannabis industries . But the odds are not zero and the risks are more severe when dealing with medicinal marijuana patients who may already be more vulnerable .
The vaping crisis last year and the current COVID-19 pandemic only reinforce the need for accurate and reliable testing so consumers can trust the safety of the products they use and avoid unnecessary respiratory risks .
Adam Scavone is general counsel and compliance director for North Coast Testing Laboratories , LLC , a licensed Ohio medical marijuana testing facility , and North Coast Analytical Laboratories , LLC , an Ohio hemp testing facility .

The cannabis industry is in its infancy for most states . There should be an ongoing effort to continue evaluating the existing regulations , new advances in testing technologies , and the best execution of it all . what a

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