Maximum Yield Industry News October/November 2020 - Page 36




With cannabis inhalation being the primary method of delivery , marijuana containing potentially deadly microbes can “ pass ” current screening laws in some states and Adam Scavone argues that needs to change .
by Adam Scavone

It ’ s no secret most marijuana produced in the U . S . is ultimately consumed by inhalation — smoking , vaping , dabbing , and more . These methods of consumption are generally safe , at least in the short term , but they are not without risk . With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing for the foreseeable future and the “ vape crisis ” of 2019 lingering in the cannabis industry ’ s recent history , our industry and regulators need to bring a renewed focus to respiratory risks facing medical marijuana patients and other marijuana consumers . Microbial contamination — specifically testing for four known potentially deadly species of Aspergillus that can colonize the lungs of marijuana users who have inhaled contaminated product — is an obvious place to start , but several states still do not require it . Some states screen for “ total yeast and mold counts ” — but that type of screening has historically been used for orally-administered pharmaceuticals and food products .

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