Maximum Yield Industry News October/November 2020 - Page 31

WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO TALK WITH GROWERS and give them a tour of our engineering department , in-house lab and analytical department , R & D project space , and our manufacturing area .
Any words of wisdom you want to share ?
We have learned that operational efficiency is the key to the future of the cultivation of cannabis . Growers of cannabis have the potential to produce high-yield crops . However , it will be the growers that embrace innovative technologies , leverage a network of strategic partners , and deploy best management practices that will have the greatest success in today ’ s day and age .
Share your favorite story from a day on the job .
There was a project that SBWTC was commissioning at a cannabis cultivation facility where nothing seemed to be going right from the start . Contractor delays , facility changes , and fluctuating timelines all led to a less than ideal situation to execute a solution for the customer .
However , the full SBWTC team , both on-site and at our headquarters , banded together . The team spent four straight days on-site working with the customer , contractors , and other vendors to solve seemingly insurmountable problems and provided our client with a solution that exceeded their expectations .
What makes your employees so awesome ?
We are an inclusive and diverse group of people made up of men , women , veterans , LGBTQ , and people of unique backgrounds who always put the needs of others ahead of our own , both in the workplace and our personal lives . Having colleagues that believe in prioritizing others ahead of themselves has created a truly unique and closeknit work environment . We are proud of the group we have assembled over the years and look forward to expanding our team with people who hold similar values and work ethic .
Being that most of our staff live and work in the beautiful state of Colorado , our team bonds by taking advantage of the many unique outdoor activities at our doorstep . Skiing , rafting , kayaking , mountain biking , hiking , hunting , and fishing are all activities that bring us together as a team through shared experiences and friendly conversation .
Does SBWTC participate in any community services ?
We are proud of the service we perform throughout our Denver-area community . As a company , we are committed to environmental and sustainability causes , being that our business revolves around the most valuable resource on our planet , freshwater . River and waterway cleanups , local resource management initiatives , and working with our customers on sustainable best practices are service programs that are a priority for us . Silver Bullet also supports military veteran initiatives because so many of our valued team members have honorably served our nation . In their free time , staff members participate in their community service passions , such as feeding the needy , animal rescue , and social justice causes .
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