Maximum Yield Industry News October/November 2020 - Page 26

How are you keeping pace in such a fast-moving industry ?
We spend a lot of time actively participating in the industry — visiting growers , talking with growers and doing market research to keep up with the industry trends and most importantly the regulations and their impact on the industry . Our 420 Series of Cannabis Decontamination Systems are designed specifically for cannabis microbial decontamination applications .
Describe your company culture ?
The best way to describe the company is a “ team .” I have been in a lot of organizations over the years and Rad Source is growing rapidly with a great management team and an excellent vision for the future .
What are your thoughts on the future of this industry ?
I think the future of the industry will be fascinating to watch . We expect to be full participants and leading the way for cannabis decontamination going forward . We have the best technology in the world , the scientific experience , and technology that works with 99.9 percent confidence and our customers are thrilled with the results ! We will keep working to align ourselves with the needs of the industry so that they will continue to trust us as the only technology that produces the results they are looking to achieve .

Photonic Decontamination ( PD ) is a process that uses photons ( light ) to penetrate the whole flower and inactivate the microbe by breaking the DNA .”
If I was a grower , investor , or cannabis company owner , I would look no further than Rad Source . Imagine passing all your tests for microbials . With Rad Source , there truly is “ Peace-of-Mind Cannabis Testing .”
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Anything else you ’ d like to say about Rad Source ?
Rad Source is fully committed to the cannabis market . We also know that the challenges of microbial infestation aren ’ t going away . We believe in the industry ; we know our technology works better than anything else available and we will not stop in our efforts to support the industry with the world ’ s best cannabis decontamination equipment . Our systems work , it ’ s that simple .
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