Maximum Yield Industry News October/November 2020 - Page 20

What was the key to gaining market share and recognition ?
We attended many events and tradeshows for cannabis . We gained acceptance into the industry when cannabis growers provided the validation . If they hadn ’ t been so quick to validate the products , I wouldn ’ t be here today answering these questions . Our product ’ s reputation and reliability soon became known and remembered . Also , our 26 years of manufacturing experience made it so we can have an affordable product with a fast lead time .
Sounds like Integra has expanded quite a bit then ?
We have four locations including California , Mississippi , Mexico , and Neveda . The new Las Vegas office serves at the company ’ s headquarters . Desiccare manufactures products in Missippi and Tijuana , Mexico , with sales and distribution centers in Jackson , Mississippi , Las Vegas Nevada , and Pomona , California . We are opening new manufacturing facilities at the moment , but details must be kept short for now . We have hired more people to expand our sales and marketing team as we continue to grow .
What is your current product line ?
We currently offer our Boost two-way humidity control pack . These include plant-based , salt-free solutions . We offer larger desiccants that are the same technology used for pharmaceuticals . The Cargo Dry and Dry Bucket work great for any drying room . We are bringing oxygen control solutions over from our Food Safety department for use with cannabis concentrates and edibles that work great for maintaining potency and color for concentrates . We are also launching many new products . This includes Integra Boost Terpene Essentials , which are terpeneinfused Boost packs that will add or maintain terpene isolates found in the plant . These will be released in September 2020 .
Where do you distribute ? Worldwide .
What are your company ’ s strengths ?
We are proud to provide a new scientific solution to maintain freshness by providing a salt-free and plant-based product . With Desiccare being a leader in food safety and pharmaceuticals , our products are held to the highest level of cleanliness . We are ISO , GMP , BRC , and QLP certified as well as FDA compliant . Integra manufactures our products internally , so we are able to have competitive pricing , fast turnaround time , and customization available .
What are some of your proudest moments ?
Seeing an idea come to life and exceed sales goals every year and meet milestones that were not anticipated so early on . Integra exceeded and continues to exceed the expectations of our peers , shareholders , and directors of Desiccare . I knew we had done something right when I walked into a hydroponic store and for the first time in my life , I was referred to as the Integra guy . Coming from an industrial commodities background , that moment meant a lot to me .
What significant things have you learned so far about the industry ?
How it is constantly changing and becoming more elevated . Integra strives to bring the science , experience , and passion to the cannabis world .
What have you learned about starting and growing a company ?
Here at Integra , we never want to stop coming up with new solutions and ideas for the cannabis industry . I have learned to never stop exploring the science behind cannabis as the company keeps growing . We have quite a few tricks up our sleeve , or at least we think we do . We have to see how they test out first .
What words of wisdom can you share about the business , the industry , or the future of the industry ?
Surround yourself with a good team of people that work to accomplish the same goals . They are hard to find but once you do , hold on to them and give them room to grow . I have never worked with a team of such committed people before . It truly is a blessing .
What makes your employees so awesome ?
Our employees are the glue that holds Integra together . We work hard and play hard ! Between pingpong tournaments in the warehouse to prank wars in the office , the laughs never stop . The CEO of Desiccare , Ken Blankenhorn , has a philosophy that people should enjoy coming to work because adding a little bit of fun can make all the difference at a job .
Does Integra participate in community service initiatives ?
Integra has worked with NORML and Grow for Vets . We recently converted our Boost machinery to help produce one-time-use hand sanitizers for healthcare workers in areas hit hard by COVID-19 . Desiccare also donated thousands of desiccants to hospitals to keep N95 masks from growing mold and mildew so they were able to use them longer .
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