Maximum Yield Industry News October/November 2020 - Page 18

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3930 West Windmill Lane , Suite 100 , Las Vegas , NV 89139 1.702.405.4260 5 years in business ( Desiccare , 26 years in business )
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Integra by Desiccare offers the latest technology to cure , store , and keep cannabis products fresh . Their two-way humidity control packs include a 100 percent plant-based and salt-free solution that produces a very clean form of humidity control . These products ensure that a cultivator can maximize weight while preventing mold , without compromising aromas , flavors , terpenes , and cannabinoids . Integra ’ s Benjamin Blankenhorn chatted with Industry News to discuss new products and how the company strives to help raise the quality and integrity of cannabis flower while bringing safety and legitimacy to the cannabis industry .
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