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“ Game-Changer ” Hybrid Fungicide Approved by EPA
The first-ever hybrid fungicide was recently approved by the EPA in the U . S . as STK Bio-ag Technologies is now rolling out its product in America . “ REGEV ‘ hybrid ’ fungicide is a significant game-changer ,” says Julia Levy , STK Bio-ag Technologies ’ director of business development . “ The results are excellent . Growers there are really enthusiastic about the product , as are we to work with them .” REGEV is a pre-mix containing biological content . Its easy for growers to use as it is applied like a chemical fungicide but with reduced chemical inputs and lower chemical residues , while providing higher yields and good management resistance . The product has been used successfully in 14 countries , and it ’ s expected to be available in Brazil and Europe in the coming years . REGEV is a combination of Tea Tree Oil and difenoconazole , and controls a broad range of plant diseases on arable crops , fruits , and vegetables .
Uncertainty Surrounds 2020 Hemp Harvest
A stalemate between state and federal regulators over rules for growing hemp is leaving farmers without strong direction as they head into a harvest season unsure about the rules that will govern them . Two U . S . senators from Oregon — a state that saw its original hemp plan rejected and is awaiting word on its second attempt — asked the USDA to delay the national rules because of regulations like requiring the destruction of non-compliant crops , requiring hemp plants to be tested for THC within 15 days of anticipated harvest , and allowing criminal charges against hemp farmers with plants containing more than 0.5 percent THC . A major concern is harvesting hemp too early to keep THC levels low , which has the affect of plants containing low CBD levels . “ You ’ re harvesting your crop very early , because you never want to go over that 0.3 percent total THC amount in that 15 day-harvest window ,” says Allan Gandelman , president of the New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association .
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