Maximum Yield Cannabis USA October/November 2018 | Page 57

RSO at Dispensaries
It is important to understand that Simpson has never branded or monetized RSO , nor has he sanctioned a single RSO product being sold at cannabis dispensaries in the United States , Canada , or anywhere else . Simpson says he wants it to be known that concentrates marketed as RSO at dispensaries are not dependable as medicines , and that he has never authorized the use of his name and “ has nothing to do with ” these products and businesses . While Simpson understands that not every cannabis business selling necessarily does so with malicious or misleading intent , he wants the public to know that unauthentic oil is not reliable for the treatment of cancer . For starters , Simpson notes that the “ fractured ” nature of product testing standards in the cannabis industry makes the reliable verification of correctly made RSO next to impossible . He also says he fears that “ the quality ( of RSO sold in dispensaries ) often bears little resemblance ” to the medicine he came to perfect . This is because most cannabis businesses produce a low-quality oil made from excess leaf trim and popcorn buds . From Simpson ’ s experience with his own cannabis oil-induced cancer recovery , he says he feels that “ THC is the real cancer killer .” Point being , only premium-quality indica flowers with 20 per cent THC or higher can be used to make real RSO . Simpson adds he doesn ’ t see any of the businesses selling RSO paying the attention to quality and consistency he uses in his own formula .
“ People have come to trust Simpson ’ s opinion concerning marijuana , largely because medical authorities and governments continue to refute the legitimacy of the medicine .”
Accessing Real Rick Simpson Oil
If medical marijuana patients or caregivers are interested in accessing real RSO , Simpson recommends that they grow their own plants and process their own oil . He feels strongly that if patients don ’ t produce their own medicine , they won ’ t be aware of potential impurities in the way of pesticides and solvents . Precise directions for creating Simpson ’ s famous curative cannabis oil can be found in his book , The Rick Simpson Story . This book , as well as additional information about RSO products , can be accessed through phoenixtears . ca and simpsonramadur . com , Simpson ’ s only official websites . His authentic social media platforms can be found through those sites . Maximum Yield 55