Maximum Yield Cannabis USA February/March 2018 | Page 28

grow Sonoma County Fires Cannabis Community and the by Kent Gruetzmacher When fire swept through Northern California in October 2017, it was indiscriminate in its destruction. Despite heroic efforts by fire crews, thousands of businesses and homes burned, and lives were lost. Cannabis companies and employees located in the region were also greatly affected. Kent Gruetzmacher spoke with bio365’s Djubaya to learn more about the tragedy. P erhaps no other region of the United States is as famous for its cannabis production and culture as Northern California. This geography ranges from the tie-dye clad streets of San Francisco in the south to the wild, mountainous sprawls of the Emerald Triangle in Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity counties to the north. Nestled between these iconic locales lies California’s wine country, which includes Sonoma and Napa counties. In Sonoma County, the San Francisco counterculture of anti-establishment ideology blends with the self-reliant mentality of woodsman in the rugged hills of the north, giving rise to a vibrant cannabis cultivation scene. Regions like Sonoma County and the Emerald Triangle are an integral element to the modern cannabis space, laying the foundation for others to follow concerning cultivation, business, and creativity. Anyone who is involved in the contemporary marijuana business, whether it be with a hydroponic product manufacturer or grower, more than likely knows someone in the vicinity of Sonoma County. 28 grow. heal. learn. enjoy.