Max & Friends September 2016 - Page 4

Do you have the right toys for your pet?

Every pet's parent nightmare is your pup or kitty swallowing a piece of their toy. Like any normal (human) parents, we learn as we go.

Pet toys are as dangerous as human toys are for babies. If you have a toddler, you will know some kids are very ingenious in taking apart their toys and putting the small pieces in their mouth.

Pets are no different, they go by their five senses as well; hearing (ears), seeing (eyes), touching (paws), tasting (mouth).

Pets love to use their mouth and teeth on everything. Depending on your dog or cat's size, you pretty well know what size toys you should buy.

However, you might be surprised some toys do not last long at all. Knowing a good brand and sticking to it is a sure win situation.

I personally have a large dog. It simply used to break my heart when I brought home a toy that I knew my dog would love, just to see him shred it to pieces three minutes later.

So I got smart and look shopped around for toys for "steel jaw" dogs.

I found Kong Toys for dogs and cats. As you can see in the pictures, Max really enjoys them, and 24 months later those toys are still going strong.

If you are interested in buying a durable, strong, fun toy for your dog or cat, try the Kong brand of toys. They are available everywhere and online.

I put a link to a website I use to purchase these toys: