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Mathematics of Industry and Government

This fourth year math course option is intended for students attending a 4-yr. university for a non-STEM major. This is a course designed to follow the completion of Advanced Algebra. Modeled after operations research courses, Mathematics of Industry and Government allows students to explore decision making in a variety of industries such as: Airline - scheduling planes and crews, pricing tickets, taking reservations, and planning the size of the fleet; Pharmaceutical - R & D management; Logistics companies - routing and planning; Lumber and wood products - managing forests and cutting timber; Local government - deployment of emergency services, and Policy studies and regulation - environmental pollution, air traffic safety, AIDS, and criminal justice policy. Students learn to focus on the development of mathematical models that can be used to model, improve, predict, and optimize real-world systems. These mathematical models include both deterministic models such as mathematical programming, routing or network flows and probabilistic models such as queuing, and simulation.

Prerequisites: Advanced Algebra

Grade Levels: 12

Terms Offered: Fall & Spring

Units of Credit: 1.0

Quality Points: 0.0