Mathematics 2024-2025 | Page 11


AP Pre-Calculus

AP Pre-Calculus is a fourth mathematics course designed to prepare students for calculus and other college level mathematics courses. High school course content standards are listed by conceptual categories including Number and Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Conceptual categories portray a coherent view of high school mathematics content; a student’s work with functions, for example, crosses a number of traditional course boundaries, potentially up through and including calculus. Pre-Calculus focuses on standards to prepare students for a more intense study of mathematics. The critical areas organized in eight units delve deeper into content from previous courses. The study of circles and parabolas is extended to include other conics such as ellipses and hyperbolas. Trigonometric functions are introduced and developed to include inverses, general triangles and identities. Matrices provide an organizational structure in which to represent and solve complex problems. Students expand the concepts of complex numbers and the coordinate plane to represent and operate upon vectors. Probability rounds out the course using counting methods, including their use in making and evaluating decisions.

Prerequisites: Honors Advanced Algebra

Grade Levels: 11 - 12

Terms Offered: Fall & Spring

Units of Credit: 1.0

Quality Points: 1.0