Mathematics 2023-2024 - Page 15


Advanced Mathematical Decision Making (AMDM)

Advanced Mathematical Decision Making (AMDM) is a course that gives students further experiences using Algebra and Geometry skills through practical scenarios. Students will use statistical information to make informed decision, design probabilistic models, analyze a range of situations through mathematical applications, develop basic financial skills, and use network models for real-world problem solving. AMDM’s focus is to prepare students for life, beyond the classroom, by exposing them to everyday critical thinking situations. This is a course designed to follow the completion of GSE Algebra II or GSE Accelerated Geometry B/GSE Algebra II. The course will give students further experiences with statistical information and summaries, methods of designing and conducting statistical studies, an opportunity to analyze various voting processes, modeling of data, basic financial decisions, and use network models for making informed decisions.

Pre-requisites: GSE Algebra II Grade Levels: 12 Terms Offered: Fall & Spring

Units of Credit: 1.0 Quality Point: 0.0