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Comparing Numbers Using Number Cards & Ten Frame Cards Number-Guessing Game Using Counters Fun Ways to Learn Greater/Less Than Comparisons and Composition/Decomposition of Numbers As effective tools for helping young students acquire number sense and knowledge about number structure, “counters,” “ten frame cards,” and “number cards” are provided, in addition to math blocks. There are two particular activities that help students acquire an understanding of numbers while having fun. The first is a game that concerns greater/less than comparisons of numbers using the number and ten frame cards. The second game uses the counters to facilitate learning composition and decomposition of numbers. How to Use the Number Cards & Ten frame Cards / Counters Card-turning Game a a a t Have students get into pairs, shuffle the ten frame Try t cards, and lay them one by one, in turns, face down a a a turns, and the student with the card showing the larger Image 1 5 5 Let’s compare! Which number is larger? on the desk. Students turn the cards up one by one in Date 7 Guess how many are hidden in my closed hand. 1,2,... number wins (Image 1). When they get used to the game, one student can use the ten frame cards while 6 the other student uses the number cards (Image 2). 4 8 10 compare which number is greater/less than (Image 3). There are 5 Number-guessing Game does she . How many have in her closed hand? Image 2 Have students get into pairs. One Guess how many are hidden. student divides up five counters between their two closed fists. Then they open one fist and show their Try 2 Image 3 Un i t and Guess how many are hidden in my closed hand. 1,2,... partner. Their partner guesses how many counters are hidden in the other 3 fist (refer to Image 4). 56 1 and 5 a a a t Count the blocks and write the number. 4 and Eventually, they can both use the number cards to and Un i t Image 4 32 There are 5 Why Choose the Japan Math Block Set? . How many have in her closed hand? does she Students become interested and motivated to learn numbers by playing games! Guess how many are Game” and “Number-guessing Game,” and These items allow students to engage in activities such as the “Card-turning hidden. increase their interest in and motivation for learning. At the same time, learning through experience and enjoyment will make it easier for students to understand subsequent mathematical concepts. 2 and 4 Un i t and Students can gradually learn ways of communicating ideas mathematically! For the “Card-turning Game,” students move from the concrete to the abstract (the numbers) in the following steps: 1 using only ten frame cards 2 using ten frame cards and number cards 3 3 using only number cards and This naturally leads to students’ deeper understanding of communicating ideas mathematically. 1 and 56 For more information, check out 7