Masters of Health Magazine September 2022 | Page 84

a type of white blood cell.  People with Hodgkin lymphoma will have a lymphocyte in their blood called Reed-Sternberg cells.

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma refers to types that do not involve these cells.  Non-Hodgkin lymphoma can arise from B or T lymphocytes but is most common in B lymphocytes.  There are many types of non-Hodgkin lymphomas.  These can vary in their location and how aggressive their growth is.  Exposure to the herbicide glyphosate/RoundUp can cause this type of cancer.


Diseases of the lymphatic system


Secondary lymphoid organs provide a system of redundancy for antigen sampling by the immune system cells.  Two autoimmune diseases, DiGeorge syndrome and Nezelof Syndrome, result in the thymus failing to develop.  And, the subsequent reduction in T-cell results in a decrease in B-cell counts.  The destruction of bone marrow also has devastating effects on the immune system.  Not only because of its role as the site of B-cell development but also because it is the source of the stem cells that are the precursors for lymphocyte differentiation.

Mucosa-associated tissues

Another group of important secondary lymphoid structures is the mucosa-associated lymphoid tissues.  These tissues are associated with mucosal surfaces of almost any organ, especially those of the digestive, genitourinary, and respiratory tracts.  These organs are constantly exposed to a wide variety of potentially harmful microorganisms which require their system of antigen capture and presentation to lymphocytes.  For example, Peyer’s patches, which are mucosa-associated lymphoid tissues of the small intestine, sample passing antigens and expose them to underlying B and T cells.  Other, less-organized areas of the gut also play a role as secondary lymphoid tissue.

Nurture Your Lymphatic System

Six of the best things you can do

for your lymphatic are:

• Daily consumption of pure, structured spring water

• Daily circular exercises that include dancing, rapid walking, qi gong, tai chi, yoga, stretching, swimming, biking, and trampoline jumping

•   Daily exposure to sunshine vitamin D and full spectrum daylight without sunglasses or sunscreen

•    Daily vigorous body brushing

• Get a lymphatic drainage massage with Elektra Mg cream or lotion

•    Have Infrared therapy on a Biomat