Masters of Health Magazine September 2022 - Page 49

Pillar 3 - Mastering Attention

(Power of Concentration)

Recently, the word ‘mindfulness’ has been overused to such a degree that it has lost its power of true meaning. Mindfulness means attention to the ‘now’. Attention is, in my opinion, a skill like any other, one that we can learn and practice until mastery. Mastering attention minimizes the risk of making mistakes.

Have you ever watched the top athletes in the Olympics, before and during the competition? They give 100% to attention otherwise they lose their ranking place. They focus both mind and body together in one converging direction. Paying attention to the body gives full access to its majestic intelligence.

Imagine somebody talking to you when you are not really listening, because you are involved in another activity. That person will get frustrated and eventually stop communicating with you. Relationships that we don’t give our attention to will probably not last very long. It is exactly the same thing in our relationship with our body.

Since conception, our body speaks to us. Somewhere along the way, we lost contact with our bodies and the magical universe of Ki. We adopted a set of disempowering beliefs that weakened our faith in the body. We stopped paying attention to it and put more faith in the outer world.

Avoid giving too much attention to exterior stimuli.  It separates you from your body, dilutes the focus of attention  and is detrimental for the self-healing process.


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Paying attention to the body gives full access to its majestic intelligence.