Masters of Health Magazine September 2022 - Page 48

The Ki Train Method

The power of concentration, energy efficiency, and active relaxation make up the three fundamental pillars on which our method is built.


Pillar 1 – Active Relaxation

A relaxed body is better able to channel energy. Although we take this for granted, it takes skill to completely unwind our body at will. Although it may seem like we do it while we sleep, in actuality, that is insufficient.

Ancient Tai Chi and Qi Gong cultivation practices are used to develop conscious relaxation every day. Although they are not incredibly complicated, they can only function with diligent repetition.

Observe how pine trees survive the heavy winds high up in the mountains. It can only reinforce the fact that the only way you can withstand any wind in life is by being flexible and relaxed. This way, you come through without major injuries.

Pillar 2 - Energy Efficiency

We are accustomed beings. It can be a good thing if our routines are good for our health and happiness. The Ki Train Method is based on cultivating habits that raise our overall energy levels while improving self-awareness.

We would have more energy, for instance, if we ate less frequently and only when we were actually hungry. If we get better and enough sleep, we can begin each day with more vitality.

Our levels of Ki will increase to the point where we become consistently strong if we manage our universe more effectively on both an internal (thoughts and emotions) and external (relationships, physical environment) level.