Masters of Health Magazine September 2022 - Page 47

Manage Your Ki (Life Energy)

Every mental, emotional or physical process involves the usage of a certain amount of energy. Day and night, consciously or subconsciously, we use up our resources of Ki. Imagine you arrive home one evening, parking the car neatly, but forgetting to turn the lights off. Left on overnight, the lights will drain the battery, and when morning comes, the car won’t start.

When you lose focus in life, you forget how to remain energy efficient until one day when you wake up you are completely drained of energy. People today have access to technologies and equipment that are far more advanced than what was available to previous generations. We have enough food and plenty of comforts like homes, electrical power, hot water, cars, and planes. The current generations have experienced material achievement, but there is far less focus on joy. Moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius sets a transition from a religion-based society, which brought the joys of faith to many people, to a more scientifically inclined world. While faith was the central element in the previous age, the world is now focusing more on science and philosophy, seeking to understand and experience things that were previously only faith-based.

The element of faith stills occupies a major role in life; it is the main ingredient required to turn the impossible into reality. We can now demonstrate that self-healing is a chemical process driven by an energetic process which is led by a mental process.

But this information is not new. The ancient martial arts masters said it five thousand years ago: “the Ki flows where the intention goes”.

A thought that is charged with a powerful emotion can create what some would call a miracle. But the truth is that this is just the natural way of our existence. Self-healing is driven by Ki. How to use (or waste) it is entirely up to the individual.

Intuition: The Body's Most Subtle Language

Even though we cannot see the Ki, that doesn't mean it doesn’t exists. The Ki powers each and every cell in our body. Understanding where the Ki flows more freely or where there are obstructions would enable us to learn how to read our body experiences. 

When people do not understand certain topics, they label them as ‘too complicated’. They abandon the search for more answers. They fear to expand their awareness and experience, keeping them stuck within a shallow belief system. The highest level of wisdom is simple by nature. It passes through the brain directly into the heart. What we cannot perceive with our five senses can be perceived through a highly developed intuition. A blind person will always ‘see’ things that others with normal vision won’t see. Beethoven composed some of his greatest work while going deaf. Buddha spent 49 days in silent meditation before he became enlightened.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, people don’t focus much on enhancing their ability to observe the world. The Ki can only be felt by heightening one’s awareness. Some are born with the natural ability to feel it. Others need to reconnect more to their intuition. With practice, everything becomes attainable.

Currently, society is ruthless. People take great pride in always being busy. Doing has become much more valued than simply being. Self-discipline in pursuing a relaxed mind and body is eclipsed by the collective belief that we live in a competitive world where we should always be ready to surpass others.

The question remains: what is the price for living a fast-paced, busy and stressful life?