Masters of Health Magazine September 2022 | Page 46

The Magical Universe of Ki

by Teodor Ardeleanu

The Ki (life energy also known as Qi or Chi) has always been a fascinating subject for me. Ki flows through everything including stones, water, mountains, plants, animals, planets and stars.

Human beings are no exception. This is an ancient belief held by the Daoists, who were convinced of the energetic nature of all things, even if not perceived by our five senses.

Similar concepts, recorded throughout history, have been shared by other ancient cultures around the world. Modern physics has confirmed the existence of Ki by establishing the connection between mass and energy. There are many types of Ki, but we will keep it simple.

“God formed man out of dust and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being” is a passage familiar to anyone who has read the Old Testament. God did not breath Ki into humans only, but into everything in existence within the Universe.


Understanding how Ki works within the human body will bring us closer to tackling the process of self-healing. A body without life energy is a dead body. Ki is the glue that binds all the different body parts to work together.

When the soul detaches from the body, the Ki dissolves and the body starts the self-destruction process, decomposing at an accelerated pace.

A group of scientists have attempted to meas ure the weight of the soul, finding that the difference in weight before and right after death is about 20 grams. To this day, we don’t ‘officially’ know if these 20 grams include the amount of Ki. I believe it does.