Masters of Health Magazine September 2022 | Page 17

By being made aware of their conscious and subconscious thought and emotional behavior patterns and influences of genetic (DNA) memory, beyond just physical characteristics, individuals are able to understand the origins of their conditions and afflictions, enabling them to positively transform their lives on all levels.

Thus, Holistic Iridology® is an excellent tool of analysis for prevention of illness and disease at the root causes, thoughts and feelings. In many cases, conditions can be detected 30 years or more prior to symptoms of poor health or clinical evaluations showing imbalance or disease.

A high-risk area in the body can actually be observed in an infant who has no symptoms. Thus, it is possible to assess potential pathogenesis decades before onset from a holistic perspective.

It is important to note that Holistic Iridology® is NOT used for diagnosis. Rather, it is used as a means of assessment for predispositions, conditions, and levels of health.

Proper clinical terminology for iridology or iris analysis is as follows: Genetic and Systemic Assessment through External Ophthalmic Examination.

Iridology provides a painless, economical and non-invasive means of assessing health status. It may be utilized in conjunction with any other system of analysis or diagnostic procedure available.

Simply expressed, scientific evidence shows that thoughts and emotions affect and alter our DNA and

our DNA affects our emotions, attitudes and behaviors. You are capable of reprogramming the DNA code (epigenetics) to transmute ancestral issues that are not healthy or not for your highest good.