Masters of Health Magazine September 2022 - Page 14

As a logical and rational explanation to substantiate the efficacy of iridology, I present the following information from human embryology, anatomy, and physiology regarding the ocular tissues.

With regard to human embryology, iris tissue derives from the same embryologic layer as the nervous system: ectoderm. The eyes and thalamus emerge from the same cerebral vesicle: diencephalon. The thalamus works as a major relay and integration station of the information that goes to all areas of the cerebral cortex, basal ganglia, hypothalamus, and brain stem. It is possible that the eyes (irides) work as an embryologic twin structure to the thalamus.

With respect to human anatomy and physiology, it is important to understand that the ocular structures are innervated by five of the twelve pairs of cranial nerves: 2nd optic, 3rd oculomotor, 4th trochlear, 5th trigeminal, and 6th abducent. Further, the eyes contain the four tissues of the body – epithelium, connective, muscular, and nervous – along with the nutritive fluids of blood and lymph.

As sensory organs, the eyes have afferent nerve pathways that carry information to the central nervous system for processing. This information is then sent out via the peripheral nervous system through the efferent nerve pathways to the autonomic nervous system. These nerve impulses innervate the muscles, organs, and glands of the body.

The eyes are connected and continuous with the brain’s dura mater through the fibrous sheath of the optic nerves, and they are connected directly with the sympathetic nervous system and spinal cord. The optic tract extends to the thalamus area of the brain. This creates a close association with the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands. These endocrine glands, within the brain, are major control and processing centers for the entire body. Because of this anatomy and physiology, the eyes are in direct contact with the biochemical, hormonal, structural, and metabolic processes of the body. This information is recorded in the various structures of the eye, i.e. iris, retina, sclera, cornea, pupil border, and conjunctiva. Thus, it can be said that the eyes are a reflex or window into the bioenergetics of the physical body and a person’s emotions and thoughts. The system of Holistic Iridology® interprets these bioenergenetic markers.

Embryologically, as the iris tissue forms it takes on the characteristics of the genetic information contained in the sperm and ovum cells beyond iris color and visual acuity. These two cells provide a multi-generational influence of physical, emotional, and thought information. An individual’s genetic material going back only 5 generations contains information from 62 ancestors. There are approximately 8 billion humans on earth and there are no two irises alike. It can be said that the trabecular patterns in the irises are a unique combination of vibrational frequencies of the soul’s consciousness. This information can, in part, be subconscious to the individual’s awareness, yet has direct influence on their physical, emotional, and thought behaviors. Science, through quantum physics, is showing us that everything in our universe is pure energy on a sub-atomic level. Matter is energy vibrating at various frequencies. Thus, iris tissue is a compilation of multiple frequencies that form the unique patterns for the individual that have been created by the soul’s consciousness.