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What is iridology?

(pronounced, eye-ri-dology)

Many people today are talking about how we can see our level of health through looking at our eyes. This brief explanation will serve as an introduction to the art and science of iridology. The science and practice of iridology is performed by analyzing the iris along with the sclera (sometimes referred to as Sclerology) as well as the pupil border, cornea, and conjunctiva. These tissues comprise the anterior segment of the eye.

Genetic information about an individual’s strengths and weaknesses can be interpreted through the connective tissue of the irises, including its structure, pigmentations, and accumulations. The patterns of the trabeculas that comprise the visible aspects of the iris are unique to the individual. Health conditions that develop over time can be analyzed by changes in the iris, sclera, cornea, pupil, conjunctiva, and retina. These changes in health are a function not of genetics alone but also of the ways a person eats, drinks, feels, thinks, lives, and loves.

Iris analysis can uncover hereditary predispositions to degenerative conditions and early pathogenesis decades before symptoms occur or conventional diagnostic testing may reveal. Thus, it is a valuable asset for preventive healthcare.

The science and practice of iridology is not new. The oldest records uncovered thus far have shown that a form of iris interpretation was used in Central Asia (Mesopotamia) as far back as 1,000 BC, over 3,000 years ago. This information was found in cuneiform writings on tablets of clay from the civilization of Chaldea.

The Greeks referred to this culture as the cradle of knowledge. Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine” was born in approximately 460 BC in Greece on the island of Kos. It is known that he looked in the eyes of his patients for health information. He said, “Inquiries are to be made and symptoms are to be noted, those in the whole countenance, those on the body and those in the eyes.”

He was regarded as the greatest physician of his time. In the Bible, St. Luke writes that Christ said, “The lamp of your body is the eye. When your eyes are sound, you have light for the whole body, but when your eyes are bad, you are in darkness.”

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Prof. David J. Pesek, Ph.D., D.H.C.

Prof. David J. Pesek, Ph.D., D.H.C.

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