Masters of Health Magazine September 2020 | Page 78

Soul Centred Kinesiology is a Sydney and Online Kinesiology Clinic and Spiritual Healing Centre, offering people across the world, energetic balancing and holistic therapies, muscle monitoring and biofeedback tools to identify and clear imbalances in the whole body establishing a reconnection and wellbeing in the body.

Created by Lisa Iliagouev, Soul Centred Kinesiology is a complementary medicine that integrates Energetic Medicine, Kinesiology, Theta healing, Sound Healing and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to access and transforming limiting unconscious beliefs systems and feelings into alignment to the true self.

Lisa is passionate about inviting the luminous realm of the sacred into her practice to inspire more light and alignment with heart and soul, re-establishing core values, clarifying the mind and body and energetically inviting the experience and intent to embody the sacred, sublime love, deep meaning and higher frequencies of our consciousness to integrate.

Elizaveta Iliagouev

“Let go and Let Grow” and “Journey to Love” with Soul Centred Kinesiology are Lisa’s newborn offering’s launched in August 2020.

Such offerings are created to honor and teach clients how to embody the sacred divine feminine energy from within (referenced as Shekinah in Kabbalah).

Lisa uses symbolic words, elements of life, colors, sounds, shapes, archetypes and metaphors to speak directly to unconscious and super-conscious mind, in effect creating direct changes in perception.

Lisa invites you now to experience an energetic transmission to support the integration of your personal healing journey. Allow what it is, you're working on to be acknowledged and transformed.

An energy transmission is a process connecting to Divine Source that aligns one with the highest enlightened awareness of ones soul. The energy transmission provides a powerful physical, mental, emotional, and energetic cleansing. Allow yourself to breathe deeply and relax as you accept the downloads that resonate with your soul.

International Holistic Kinesiologist ,

Founder of Soul Centred Kinesiology