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Types of Mg salt and other therapeutic applications


•    Magnesium borate, magnesium salicylate, and magnesium sulfate are antiseptics.

•    Magnesium bromide is a mild sedative (this action is due to the bromide, not the magnesium).

•    Magnesium carbonate powder is used by gymnasts, weightlifters, and climbers to eliminate palm sweat, prevent sticking, and improve the grip on gymnastic apparatus, lifting bars, and climbing rocks.

• Magnesium chloride, oxide, gluconate, malate, orotate, glycinate, ascorbate, and citrate are oral magnesium supplements.

•    Magnesium hydroxide, suspended in water, is used in milk of magnesia antacids and laxatives.

•    Magnesium stearate is a slightly flammable white powder with lubricating properties.  In pharmaceutical technology, it is used in pharmacological manufacture to prevent tablets from sticking to the equipment while compressing the ingredients into tablet form.

•   Magnesium sulfate, as the heptahydrate Epsom salts, are used as a bath salt, a laxative, and a highly soluble fertilizer.  An Epsom salt bath is highly beneficial because of the combination of Mg and sulfate.


Overdose from dietary sources alone is unlikely because the kidneys quickly eliminate excess Mg from the blood unless renal function is impaired.



Patients with kidney disease are often advised not to use Mg oil.  However, a deficiency of Mg (or natural vitamin A) can cause kidney disease.


Mg oil (also referred to as transdermal Mg or Mg hexahydrate) is a compound of Mg chloride dissolved in six molecules of water, with Mg as the alkaline earth metal and chlorine as the nonmetal.  In reality, it is not a true oil, as it is not composed of one or more hydrocarbons. 



The chemical formula for magnesium chloride hexahydrate (Mg salt flakes) is MgCl2.6H20.  It is the combination of magnesium with chlorine, thereby becoming 'magnesium chloride.’  Mg chloride hexahydrate salt flakes are formed via dehydration of sea water.  During dehydration the sodium chloride is removed to make table salt.  The remainder of the brine, also called bischofite, is 98% Mg chloride hexahydrate and 2% residual sea trace minerals.  The Mg chloride flakes are inside a crystalline structure of six water molecules (ie. hexahydrate).  When they are mixed with extra water (usually 30-70% concentration), the resulting solution has a slippery texture like oil, but isn't really an oil (such as plant lipids/fats) because it is a mineral electrolyte and not carbon based.  The slippery feel is caused by the charge of the electrolytes structuring water molecules so that they are not random as in empty distilled water.  The more Mg chloride in solution, the more structuring of the water molecules as it moves towards the hexahydrate crystalline structure of the flakes again.



Mg oil/lotion/cream can be applied to the skin as an alternative to oral Mg supplements.  It can prevent or treat a deficiency, relieve muscle aches and pain (especially headaches), and enhance relaxation.  Mg is vital for over 600 cellular reactions within the human body, including the immune system.

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