Masters of Health Magazine November 2022 - Page 57

The results show that the food America’s children eat at school is unsafe, toxic, and low in nutrients.

·  Of the 43 school items tested, 41, or 95.3%, had detectable levels of glyphosate weed killer, the most widely used herbicide in the world, a known carcinogen.

·         The highest level of glyphosate and AMPA (AMPA is glyphosate’s breakdown and can be even more toxic) were found in a beef taco with soft tortilla at 286.77 ng/g and in pizza at 156.14 ng/g.

·    28 of the 43 school meal samples, or 65.1%, contained wheat ingredients.

·         100% of the wheat products were positive with glyphosate, averaging 42.09 ng/g.

·    The average level of glyphosate in pizza was 154.51 ng/g.

Several items had very high glyphosate levels, well above 25 ng/g, which, according to animal studies, would be expected to be harmful when consumed consistently, along with other items containing glyphosate. Glyphosate has been shown to be carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting, damaging to sperm and reproductive organs, causing nervous system damage, and causing liver and kidney disease.

We also tested for 220 of the most egregious pesticides:

·         74% of the school lunch samples contained at least one of the harmful pesticides

· 29 different types of pesticides were present in 74% of the school lunches

·  Thiabendazole, an immune suppressant, was found in 27.9% of the samples

·         Piperonal Butoxide, a developmental toxin that causes birth defects and neurodevelopment disruptions, was in 41% of the samples.

·         Pyrimethanil, which causes thyroid tumors in animals, was detected at 595.04 ppb on an apple.

Veterinary drugs, hormones, and heavy metals in school lunch food are also at alarming levels.

·         4 Veterinary drugs and hormones were found in 9 school lunch samples at levels up to 130.76 ng/g.

·         100% of the school lunch samples contained heavy metals at levels up to 6,293 X higher than the EPA’s maximum levels allowed in drinking water.

·         The majority of the samples were abysmally low in nutrients.

Without proper nutrients in food, children will not develop properly and be able to think, learn, and act to their fullest potential. Proper nutrition can be instrumental in reducing and preventing learning disorders and violent behavior. Safe, non-toxic, nutrient-dense food is essential for the health of our children and the future of our nation. America should invest in healthy, safe nutrition for every child in our public schools.

The results are being released the same day as the White House is holding the first  National Nutrition Conference  in 50 years.

It is Moms Across America’s intention that the leaders of this nation address the issue of toxic agrochemical use in the food supply and its impact on nutrient density, human health, and our children. For more information, see the full report at: