Masters of Health Magazine November 2022 | Page 117

Dimension Hopping

By Jill Mattson, Musician

Modern science has finally caught up to Ancient Shamans and Intuitives throughout time, in acknowledging that there are many other dimensions surrounding us; higher dimensions are all around us, some only inches from our touch. Most people cannot sense or reach alternate dimensions in their ordinary lives; however, it is possible to contact and even impact dimensions beyond our own!

Let's back up a bit. I have read a lot of the cutting-edge, higher Physics material discussing the scientific, theoretical basis for the existence of higher dimensions. It is "hairy" and difficult stuff. After much effort, I believe the scientific case boils down to this. At the simplest level, scientists have found that it is necessary to postulate extra dimensions (as many as 12 or 13 total dimensions) to reconcile the math and make sense of the best current theories on the origin of and nature of our universe. Said differently, after hundreds of years of experiment and reflection by the best minds in history, we have arrived at a view of the universe that says there are far more dimensions than the three space and one time "D's" that we all know.

In junior high science and geometry, we learned about the world's dimensions and the theory behind them. The three space dimensions that we are familiar with can be referred to as length (L), width (W) and height (H). If you want to know the volume of a cube you multiply the length of one side times the width of another side times the height of the third side: Volume = L * W *H.

Each of the linear dimensions is one "D" - think of a line. Multiply two linear dimensions and you get 2-"D" or a plane. When you multiply three linear dimensions as above you get our 3-"D" world.

We also often add time as the fourth dimension because all of the 3-D objects move and interact "in time".

It is an interesting exercise to contemplate the possibility of beings who might live in a lower dimensional reality. For a 2-"D" universe we have "Flatland", a famous world where the inhabitants lived on a sheet of paper.  We could put our face inches above the Flatland world and the people living there would have no clue of our existence. Seems simple right - well that is exactly how our 3-D universe appears to beings who reside in a higher dimensional reality. Only special humans have been able to reach the higher dimensions throughout time. Mystics, clairvoyants, Jesus and Buddha, all achieved their wonders by tapping into a higher dimensional realm.

3-D Cube

2-D Plane