Masters of Health Magazine November 2022 - Page 112

Staphylococcus aureus found as a cause of upper respiratory and skin issues comes into play on Wednesday

Nutrient in stress – l-Carnitine which supports energy metabolism of the mitochondria. Carnitine concentrates in cardiac and skeletal muscles.

The Sartorius Muscle begins to activate near the weekend. The Sartorius is a strap like muscle from the upper outer thigh to the inside of the knee. This muscle supports the hips and knees.

Nov 27 – Dec  3

The Liver starts to stress via the gallbladder and bile salts – particularly cholic acid which is synthesized from cholesterol – Co Enzyme A is involved – Statin related.

Myopathy genes continue to activate.  HMB (Hydroxy β-methylbutyric acid) may be useful.  It is used to prevent muscle wasting.  It is available as a dietary supplement.

Thigh muscles and upper jaw will need extra care and stretching. You may want to consider a massage and facial.

Glutamate and glycine receptors and stressed this week.  Aspartame MSG toxicity may be more noticeable.




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