Masters of Health Magazine May 2023 - Page 90

Reproductive hormones are very active this week. This would be a good time to refrain from cruciferous vegs (broccoli, cabbage) - they stress the thyroid. The frequencies associated with Hashimoto’s thyroid disease is active this week.


May 28 – June 3 – The body’s Energy Cycle activates hardily this week. Amy Yasko has wonderful book about this journey, posted free on her site!        


Every body has a sound – we project frequencies of color and sound as we move about our enviroment.

But those emotions you are feeling may not be your own. Visualize white light coming into your body from the ground up – move up and though the body and out through your head. What is really you will stay, the stuff belonging to others will be released for another purpose. Wish it well! 

The Body is completely redundant and may tell you what nutrients are in stress.

Here are some C# Muscle/Nutrient correlations.

Sono Cards available here.


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Is population control behind the impetus for Gardasil vaccinations being aimed at low-income and rural families? BioAcoustic Solutions.


Tenets of Math as Medicine Support Covid Survival. Sound Health Options.


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Sharry Edwards. MEd. is the acknowledged pioneer of BioAcoustic Vocal profiling.

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