Masters of Health Magazine May 2023 - Page 88

Creating the Future by Making History

May 2023 keynote frequencies

Frequencies that influence us through the month of May: Roughly frequency multiples of 136 to 146 are active this month. You can check these frequencies posted in our Spike Protein article:


This month we come under the influence of the frequencies assigned to C# musically and Taurus astrologically. These energies are generally related with the sentient proponents of justice first and then the corporal manifestation of tendons and ligaments – which holds our bodies together. At this time in history, literally our world is experiencing a lack of Justice and certainly a lack of cohesion. As we begin our review for the month, it is appropriate to mention that the frequencies representing THE GOD GENE come into influence.

The idea of a God Gene proposes that human compassion, intuition, and spirituality is influenced genetically by a specific set of frequencies represented by the vesicular monoamine transporter 2 gene. Geneticist Dean Hamer in his book titled The God Gene: How Faith is Hardwired into our Genes proposes that compassion and empathy are encoded in this gene. 

Our world could certainly use more expression of the proteins of this gene which are represented by red/orange (left brained) with the musical associations of either C# or G (Turquoise; right brained), or colors and notes together (whole brained). BioAcoustic protocols are brain dominance specific. Interestingly the Activator of the God Gene proteins is the frequency of White Light. Other relationships are associated with nerve transport (sometimes manifesting as Restless Legs). The literature recommends Benfotiamine – a form of lipid-based Vitsmin B1 to calm this reaction.

As the universe’s movements increase their influence over our thinking and physical existence, it is fun to speculate how we humans might be influenced - and if we knew ahead of time what was going to happen - how would we react? Hence our rationale for creating this column. We think you would appreciate knowing a bit of your future.

Many of the frequencies active throughout this month deal with finger muscles and the human papilloma virus. You may experience more finger pain and/or stiffness. It will likely let up near the end of the month. We have included a link to a BioAcoustic presentation about Gardasil-like vaccines at the end of this article. Neck Muscle stress for the side and back of the neck also continue through the next 3-4 weeks.

May 2023 – ACTIVE: PABA – deals with connective tissue, the ciliary neurotrophic factor, tyramine, side neck muscle and the arch tendon under the foot.

[from Wikipedia]

As a drug against fibrotic skin disorders, such as Peyronie's disease, under the trade name Potaba. PABA is also occasionally used in pill form by sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome to treat its associated gastrointestinal symptoms, and in nutritional epidemiological studies to assess the completeness of 24-hour urine collection for the determination of urinary sodium, potassium, or nitrogen levels.

Ciliary neurotrophic factor – a key protein that promotes neurotransmitter synthesis

Tyramine – found in aged foods – can cause serious headaches and hypertension


April 30 - May 6th – heparin sulfate (blood coagulation) and platelet activation factor are of concern this week. Universally speaking you may want to monitor blood issues more carefully.

The eyeball comes into play this week and the cofactor for B5, Pantetheine (tremor related).

The neck tendon frequencies are still active this week.


Asbestos activates this week – it is a toxin that causes lung tissue inflexibility. Do you walk into a room and feel ill?

An imbalance of fatty acids may be to blame.  Lipoxygenase, an iron-containing enzyme, may serve as cause for fatty acid stress - this week and next.  Emotional mood swings become prevalent and come into play at the end of the week.

The frequencies of the body’s systems are completely redundant. The ankle frequencies (Muscle system), for instance, are the same as the frequencies for iron (Biochemical system). If ankles are weak or fatigued, you may want to check your iron status.


May 7-13 - Frequencies this week deal with cholesterol control, Adrenal STRESS and calcium levels. Finger joint and inflammation factors continue to be of concern. This will begin to influence weight gain through leaky gut episodes. Have your potential leaky gut issues checked here:


May 14-20 – Lots of strains of Papilloma become strongly active this week.

MAY 21-27 - Some spine frequencies are active this week. Great time for a massage or Chiropractic visit.  Pregnenolone may be low in activity this week. Progest E by Ray Peat is a good choice.  You can likely find it on the internet for purchase.

We found Pycnogenol (from pine bark) to be a great support for the vascular system which Covid is threatening. Both Pycogenol and Hawthorn berries help support the linings of veins and arteries. 5G also enters here as a threat to blood carrying vessels.