Masters of Health Magazine May 2023 - Page 54

demise by giving the FDA the list it needs to sweep the market of as many as 41,700 supplements that do not comply with the agency’s overreaching NDI guidance. 

Supplement companies lose, the economy suffers, and consumers lose access to critical health products.

There are more reasons to oppose this bill. It moves us closer to restrictions on high-dose supplements similar to those being pursued in the European Union. It threatens to restrict consumer choice by restricting or eliminating access to innovative products, leaving only basic, cookie cutter supplements on the market.

In a recent survey, 61 percent of supplement companies said they supported mandatory product listing for supplements. How could that be? We touched on this issue last year in an article on mergers in the supplement industry. More and more supplement companies are being bought up by multinational corporations like Nestle, Unilever, Clorox, Pfizer, and others. Mandatory product listing is in their interest because it paves the way towards standardized supplement dosages, which is what the EU is in the process of doing. Mega-corporations doing business across the world would welcome harmonized levels of supplements so they can sell their products on the world market without having to change formulations or labels. It’s bad for consumer choice, but good for profits.

To recap: Durbin’s mandatory listing legislation would add regulations to supplements that would increase prices for consumers and decrease available options, making it easy for the FDA to eliminate supplements that compete with the drugs that provide significant funding for the Agency. We’ve argued that mandatory product registration is a prelude to eliminating high-dose dietary supplements, as the EU is in the process of doing, and throttling innovation in the supplement sector that delivers American consumers a diverse array of cutting-edge products that support health.

Action Alert!  Write to Congress and tell them to oppose mandatory product registration for supplements. Please send your message immediately.

FDA Threatens Homeopathy

The FDA has claimed the authority to remove any homeopathic medicine from the market whenever it wants to. We need to take immediate action to make sure homeopathic medicines survive.  Action Alert!

Last year, we explained the significance of the FDA’s new policy regarding homeopathic medicines. Technically speaking, the agency has declared that no homeopathic medicines are legally on the market, meaning they can pull any product they want to, whenever they want to. This is an existential threat to homeopathy. Alongside our allies, we’re working to get language added to an appropriations bill preventing the FDA from attacking homeopathic medicines that meet existing safety and manufacturing standards—but we need grassroots support to further this effort. As we explained in our  previous coverage, the FDA’s new policy gives the FDA the authority to remove any homeopathic medicine they want, whenever they want to.