Masters of Health Magazine May 2023 - Page 101


1. An insect haven

More than 8,000 different insects are likely to call your garden home — and most of these are utterly harmless and can actually be helpful to you and your plants.

2. Flower power

One way to create a butterfly habitat is to plant myriad flowering plants, as they winged wonders — and moths — feast on almost any flower's nectar.

3. Love the frogs

Don't get rid of frogs or toads, as they are nature's pest control — they munch on different worms and other mini-insects, keeping that population in check.

4. No need to go wild

Wildlife-friendly gardens don't need to look wild; an ordered green space that has a healthy and balanced bunch of flora is enough to attract wildlife.

5. One space, many ecosystems

One garden can hold thousands of ecosystems — there can be a special space for birds, one for insects, another for critters, and of course, multiple spaces for invertebrates.