Masters of Health Magazine May 2023 | Page 14

Mother Nature, Divine Feminine Energy, Great Spirit, whatever name you choose to give that love-filled guiding force, has shown me, in no uncertain terms, how and why to live by her rules. From it, I learn, grow, and wind up on the right path.  I call it- following the Golden Thread.

Although the world is going through tremendous upheaval and transformation, I am incredibly grateful to be alive during this time. I appreciate all the experiences that taught me to trust in and follow the laws of Mother Nature. I am proud to be a woman, mother, and grandmother.  Also, I am grateful to have met so many incredible people who shared their knowledge and wisdom with me through these many decades.  

Now, as I stand on this magnificent planet and look up at the majestic mountains near my home, I have a strong intuitive knowing that we are all here at this particular time to witness and participate in the collapse of the old, failing, corrupt systems and help usher in a more loving, compassionate world where Mother Earth will be honored for all her cycles, all her seasons and all her gifts.

Blessings to the

Warrior Mothers and


We are the power,

and Love

is our medicine!