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Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD:

Part 1 14 min. 54 sec.

Part 2 14 min. 55 sec.

Part 3 (reproduction) 14 min. 50 sec.

Part 4 (mind control, aspartame & brain tumors) 13 min. 18 sec.

Part 5 (regulators & swine flu vaccine) 7 min. 53 sec.

AVOID addictive and destructive pollutants such as tobacco, alcohol, MSG and other flavor enhancers, coffee and other caffeine products, refined sugar/flour products, soda, damaged fats/oils, and fluorescent lights.  In other words, STOP being a sucker for the junk food industry.  Along with creating free radicals and rapidly aging the body, some pollutants dehydrate the body on an intra-cellular level.


Also, AVOID genetically modified (GM) foods.  They can cause allergies, food sensitivities, and deadly reactions because they contain animal or chemical genes.  GE foods can also have unknown, long-term consequences such as auto-immune diseases.  To learn more go to the Institute For Responsible Technology (IRT).

Listen to The Future of Food,

Dr. Vandana Shiva, PhD

Parts 1-3,,             

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HARMONY: A New Way of Looking At Our Wordby HRH, The Prince of Wales.


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