Masters of Health Magazine May 2022 - Page 77

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Corporate giants also have their influential advisors on the Food and Nutrition Board (FNB), the National Research Council (NRC), the National Academy of Sciences, the Centre for Science and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN), and similar organizations, such as the ANTZPA in Australia and New Zealand, and the EU’s Codex Alimentarius.  By classifying calories as a nutrient (energy), instead of a unit of measurement, the FNB can justify the promotion of such products as white flour and refined sugar.  A while back, food processors spent $5.6 million to lobby against the new school lunch rules proposed by the USDA, which would have brought more fresh food to school cafeterias.  Congress succumbed so far as to agree to call pizza a vegetable.


Unfortunately, many dieticians follow the recommendations of the FNB and NRC. Dietetics claim that a variety of foods from the Basic Food Groups (set up by the industry) provide the Minimum Daily Requirement (MDR) or Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of all the nutrients needed for good health.  They consider nutritional supplements to be unnecessary when, in fact, science reveals a very different story.  READ Dirty Medicine-The Handbook (2011) by Martin J. Walker and its review in UNCENSORED magazine, issue 25, page 95.

The MDR and RDA, set by the NRC, were not the results of scientific studies, but  negotiations and voting by a committee (Committee on Dietary Allowances, 1980) of industry agents.  Subsequent clinical studies and reports indicate that RDAs for many nutrients are far below what is necessary for optimal health.  Only part of the total number of nutrients needed for human health are measured.  With this barrage of misinformation and since one type of diet is not suitable for everyone, it is no wonder the average person is confused about nutrition and how to eat.  Do you listen to the FNB or the NRC?  Are you reading conflicting advice from dieticians and nutritionists?  And, are MDRs and RDAs all you need?  Attaining optimal health is more than merely counting calories and grams of fat.

Listed below are certain basics to help nourish your dietary profile.  Without these basics, all the medicines, treatments, supplements, and exercise in the world will not succeed in attaining a complete cure or optimum health.


For optimum function, maintenance, good health, and longevity, the body must have:

Fresh, clean air (oxygen) with a balance of negative ions

Clean, pure, structured water (free of fluoride & other toxins)

Natural, full-spectrum daylight & sunshine

Quality protein

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) in balance

Complex carbohydrates

Vitamins, minerals, enzymes in balance

Magnetic forces of positive and negative gauss

Human companionship and spirit