Masters of Health Magazine May 2022 - Page 76

Profession and Monopoly - A study of Medicine in the United States and United Kingdom by Jeffrey L. Berlant (Univ. of California Pr 1975) criticizes the AMA for limiting the supply of physicians and inflating the cost of medical care in the United States.  It also claims that physician supply is kept low by the AMA to ensure high pay for practicing physicians.  It states that the amount of, curriculum, and size of medical schools are restricted by state licensing boards controlled by representatives of state medical societies associated with the AMA.  

Because of massive public demand and support from the health industry, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education (DSHEA) Act of 1994 mandated that the FDA regulate dietary supplements as foods rather than as drugs.  However, the influence wielded by big pharma and giant food corporations remains rampant in many countries through globalization. 

By using the controlled media, the industry determines what to feed the public about how people should eat, medical protocol, and nutrition.  Anyone who differs from the narrative, is censored.  Some proclaimed ‘experts’ have written books promoting their radical diets and unscientific beliefs.  In addition, policies have been set up on the false assumption that medical experts or dieticians are nutrition experts.  However, medicine, dietetics, and nutrition are all very different professions.  Some magazines and newspapers use catchy headlines and radical diets to sell their publications.  Writers who have little or no knowledge of nutrition may quote an expert out of context to make the reader think they (writers) are credible.  This is only part of how misinformation reaches and confuses the public.

In addition, big pharma and giant food corporations give large grants to universities to influence the curriculum and obtain studies favorable to their products.  According to the author and former corporate biochemist Paul Stitt, PhD in Beating the Food Giants (Natural Press, 1993), they care little, if at all, about your health and well-being.  Their objective is to get you hooked on their products so they can make huge profits.  Many of their products are not even real food, while others contain addictive ingredients such as refined sugar/flour, MSG, or other flavor enhancers.  Coffee, soda, and other caffeine products are also very addictive.


Plus, most non-organic food is contaminated with, damaged fats/oils, glyphosate, toxic agriculture chemicals, and GMOs. 


Corporate control of our food system from seed to plate contributes to market abuses.  It is also a threat to competition, food affordability, and supply.  Today, only four companies control up to 90 percent of the global grain trade.  Further to Willie Nelson’s call to ‘Occupy the Food System,’ you can also make an impact. 

Use your ECONOMIC POWER and BOYCOTT products from unethical corporations!