Masters of Health Magazine May 2022 - Page 58

Tesla’s Medicine migrates to Moscow


While western medicine was seen as a gradual progression towards a healthcare system based upon patented medicines, Tesla’s medicine had remained and were further improved upon by countries that practiced socialized healthcare where the government paid for the health and wellbeing of the public.  Countries of the former Soviet Union and the German speaking countries of Europe realized that Tesla’s medicine, such as Ultraviolet B light, could be used as complimentary therapy.  


Here in my country, government of Canada observed the success of “complimentary” cannabis medicine as a natural medicine so they added energy therapies known as “German Medicine” to regulated medical devices and eventually lifted the difficult licensing restrictions that were previously placed upon it.  In the USA – the FDA has created a new category called “wellness” devices for Tesla’s medicine. The FDA no longer requires proof that the device works before it can be sold as a “wellness” device.


This news is very good for the citizens of North America in the way that Tesla’s medicine is making a comeback. It’s also very bad news for the unsuspecting public because the quack devices have again returned in full force. The internet is “rife” again, this time instead of newspaper “advertorial” -  webpages are created by conmen selling boxes of flashing lights that do little more than the placebo effect.  My documentaries and related education materials are dedicated to presenting reliable tried and true scientific information about Tesla’s energy therapy and the devices that have been in use in the countries were it never fell out of favor.

I want to remind you that it’s not alternative therapy. My research will demonstrate that there is a world where modern medicines and natural energy therapy can be combined and enhanced to have a greater healing effect without the common unwanted side effects from drugs that we have all become familiar with. For example – private clinics in Switzerland are using less drugs because they are more effective when combined with magnetic field therapy. Most notable is that magnetic fields help the chemo therapy penetrate the cellular membrane to destroy tumors and viruses.

The Purpose of our Tesla’s Medicine Project


The scope is vast and varied and it will remain an ongoing educational service to review and feature energy therapy devices and methods as they come to market. Ten years of footage is in the can and we are currently editing several feature documentaries, short educational videos for YouTube and companion books for the public and schools that specialize in healthcare.

An interactive behind the scenes personal diary Apple eBook details my ten-year journey in search of Tesla’s lost medical technology.  Every step of the journey was videotaped in high definition using a wide variety of scientific cameras that include microscopic, infrared, ultraviolet, and electrography. You will be able to go behind the scenes and learn about my trials and tribulations of the good, bad and ugly side of the energy medicine business.


The most important message I was told time and time again by the leading experts in German Medicine is that Nature provides the best medicine.  It consists of healing fields of plants, light from the sun, the oxygen we breath, natural spring water, and magnetic fields of the earth. For those of you that live in the northern hemisphere where winter illness is common - “Healing” fields of energy that simulate nature can now be recreated indoors in your home via energy therapy devices that are used by licensed medical professionals and the general public.

You will learn about these wonderful devices based on Tesla’s Medicine in future issues of this publication.