Masters of Health Magazine May 2022 - Page 57

Tesla’s medicine was difficult to understand how it worked and the doctors that used it often told patients controversial theories that their machine was capable of tapping into the healing powers of the spirit world!  There were Radionic, (now called Quantum) medical devices capable of broadcasting a special healing field to the patient – even if they were not present in the room!

Medically trained doctors complained to congress about these devices and formed the American Medical Association to organize the practice of licensed medicine. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was formed to regulate the use of drugs and energy based medical devices. Manufactures now had to prove their drugs and medical devices worked before they could be sold to the public. Radionic machines and Tesla’s Violet Ray were eventually banned by the FDA.


While these new regulations were appreciated in principal, they became a rigorous costly procedure that required the help of independent universities to conduct the studies, and since you could not patent frequencies of electricity – few companies decided to medially license their devices. Tesla’s medical inventions gradually disappeared from western medicine after the AMA decided to omit them from the course curriculum text books that doctors used to pass their exam to legally practice medicine.  


Eventually, doctors were only trained to prescribe FDA approved prescription drugs

and specialists in the human anatomy were taught the best practices in surgery. Most electricians and medical doctors that held onto the practice of “therapeutics” such as magnetic field therapy, light therapy, and hydrotherapy were considered to be “quacks.”

Hospitals could not purchase unlicensed machines for therapy and what remained in the way of electrical appliances was mainly used for X-ray diagnostics. In general, electricity could be used to diagnose the patient and to provide shock therapy – but low intensity magnetic fields were officially deemed to have no effect on the body.

Tesla’s healing machines were eventually removed from all western medical text books.